Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Blog I love!


So I found this thing called Edublog where you have to nominate the best educational blogs. I want to nominate Amiria Gales Art Blog because I cannot even imagine how many people she has helped move up a grade or two. Her imagery is inspirational, her advice is priceless and she really knows and understand the curriculum (Cambridge A levels). She is totally dedicated to her sight and replies to students from all over the world on how to improve their work, or clarifies how they approach the brief. Not only that but she is an exceptionally talented artist herself. I would highly recommend this blog to all students who are studying art no matter what qualification they are going for.

My paintings from 2008 while doing AS course work. My mark was 100% and I have Amiria Gale to thank for that.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear blogspot

This big inter web is ever changing and evolving. It is hard to keep up! Consequently I have jumped camp. I now upload my photography here. Tumblr is a much faster way of uploading, I post almost everyday!

I also run FASHIONPHOTOS and soon will be regularly updating this with street style photos and more...

I am also working on WATCH THAT SPACE

Lots of love and farewell,

Nikau Gabrielle

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just a few photos I have taken on my travels.

Ten Things about St Petersburg

1. Russian girls are tall. They also wear 4 inch stilettos* which make them really really tall.

2. The sun doesn’t set until 2am in the morning. Night time is the same colour as dusk. The light is soft and everything has a pinkish glow.

3. Every where I look people are pashing! I have even snapped a few accidental photos* of this happening. St Petersburg is the most romantic city I have ever been too. I see so many girls walking around with bouquets of flowers. (Kiwi boys take note!)

4. People smoke inside malls and restaurants.

5. The Metro here is the deepest underground train system in the world. The trains themselves are old school too. When the lights flicker on and off I try not to think about this fact.

6. There are no houses here. Everyone lives in 20 storey high rise apartment buildings. Some look fancy and others are run down.

7. Vodka is almost as cheap as water. It wasn’t a stereotype after all.

8. Russians drive dangerously fast.

9. I have seen a bear cub, a goat and a cat on a leash in the middle of the city. Do Russians have a thing for animals on leashes*?

10. Russians are really really good looking people*.

*photos coming soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Servilles Desert Storm Show Continued..

These were some of the more arty photos that I managed to get on the day and have worked on a bit. I really like this kind of photography and I like the mood in the photos.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Servilles Desert Storm Show


The other day I was in my friend Ezra's Servilles Hair Dressing Academy Graduate Show. We started at 10 in the morning and spent all day getting ready. Hair, make up, styling, touch ups and a considerable amount of waiting. Some of the hair styles were absolutely wild! My hair looked incredible! I had a weaving on the side of my head. My make up was done by Gigi who is a very talented make up artist. Ezra was the directer of the show and had to co ordinate the entire event as well as get his own models ready but he pulled it off. It was full! The show had started and I was still getting my false eye lashes put on! Luckily I was last on the runway...

I saw so much talent and creativity that day! These were a few of my favourite backstage picks!

I'll be putting some of the more art ones up a little later.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In the Now

I have officially no more classes to attend at Elam and yet I am more motivated to go into school then ever before. I have an essay due and it requires all my brain power and more. It's about Contemporary Art, a subject that never sises to confound me. (Thank you Peter Shand.) The artist I am looking at is James Turrell and his material is pure light.  Figure that one out...

1. I was making a wish with a dandelion. 2. My neighbour and his skate board. 3. Dewy morning spider web. 4. Exhibition called 'Vernacular Painting' at Starkwhite Gallery on K Road. 5. Pre Exhibition Snack and Smiles.