Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Blog I love!


So I found this thing called Edublog where you have to nominate the best educational blogs. I want to nominate Amiria Gales Art Blog because I cannot even imagine how many people she has helped move up a grade or two. Her imagery is inspirational, her advice is priceless and she really knows and understand the curriculum (Cambridge A levels). She is totally dedicated to her sight and replies to students from all over the world on how to improve their work, or clarifies how they approach the brief. Not only that but she is an exceptionally talented artist herself. I would highly recommend this blog to all students who are studying art no matter what qualification they are going for.

My paintings from 2008 while doing AS course work. My mark was 100% and I have Amiria Gale to thank for that.


  1. Thank you!!!
    Of course you would have got 100% no matter who was teaching you! :)

  2. The paintings you did are great! Is there any advice you could give me as to how to achieve your level of greatness? I'd really appreciate it.

    1. Hey!
      Thank you. :) so kind... This is such an old blog of mine I'm surprised you came across it! Advice? Paint every single day for at least an hour. Nothing beats learning from the paint itself. If that makes sense... I guess you just get to know the paint and what it does and how you can achieve certain effects. I do a lot of blending and layering. Layering is key. And patience because the first layer doesn't Always look
      good. Use both wet on wet and dry brushing for blending. And always increase the contrast. This makes thing appear more really and stand out. I guess those are just some of the things I think about when I paint! Hope that helps!