Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ten Things about St Petersburg

1. Russian girls are tall. They also wear 4 inch stilettos* which make them really really tall.

2. The sun doesn’t set until 2am in the morning. Night time is the same colour as dusk. The light is soft and everything has a pinkish glow.

3. Every where I look people are pashing! I have even snapped a few accidental photos* of this happening. St Petersburg is the most romantic city I have ever been too. I see so many girls walking around with bouquets of flowers. (Kiwi boys take note!)

4. People smoke inside malls and restaurants.

5. The Metro here is the deepest underground train system in the world. The trains themselves are old school too. When the lights flicker on and off I try not to think about this fact.

6. There are no houses here. Everyone lives in 20 storey high rise apartment buildings. Some look fancy and others are run down.

7. Vodka is almost as cheap as water. It wasn’t a stereotype after all.

8. Russians drive dangerously fast.

9. I have seen a bear cub, a goat and a cat on a leash in the middle of the city. Do Russians have a thing for animals on leashes*?

10. Russians are really really good looking people*.

*photos coming soon.

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