Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspiration: Bill Cinningham

Yesterday after much encouragement from my cousin Isaac I went to see the Bill Cunningham New York movie and I was blown away by his honesty, modesty and passion for photography. He is constantly working day and night; on the streets in New York, at runway shows and at glitzy fashion events. I always feel self conscious about photographing strangers but he has it down to a fine art.

Grey Lynn Park Festival 2010 
I took this photo last year and it is one of my favs. I am constantly looking at the way people dress. I would love to take photos of people on the street! I just have to be brave enough.

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  1. Nikau, the same with me. I'm thinking of taking photos of people on the streets for so long already.
    We should do that together to be more brave :)))