Thursday, February 17, 2011


I went up north to my dads house and he put down a hangi for me. A hangi is probably a weird concept for most non-kiwis. Essentially a hangi is an the ground. Its pretty simple; you dig a hole, chuck some rocks in, light a fire. The fire falls into the hole, heats the rocks and in goes the food. Cover and leave for an hour or so.
collecting volcanic rocks
meat and banana leaves 
pumpkin in muslin

Rawene bread

taking out the ash and returning the hot rocks

hot rocks

the feast


What makes a hangi special is not just the incredible food but the people you bring together. A hangi makes an event significant but the thing you remember is not the taste of the food but the company, the laughter and the love that surrounds this special occasion.

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  1. I have been to one of these when younger, and loved it! The food tastes tremendous, like nothing I have ever had before!!!

    good to keep tradition alive :)